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My Little Pony Nesting Dolls with Equestria Girls Toys

Feb 8, 2017
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Today we have 6 MLP My Little Pony Mane 6 Nesting Stacking dolls! We have a Pinkie Pie nesting doll, a rainbow dash nesting doll, a rarity stacking doll, a twilight sparkle stacking doll, a applejack nesting doll and a fluttershy nesting doll, the mane 6 my little pony characters also feature at the back of these new my little pony nesting dolls by PPW toys. When I shake the my little pony nesting dolls, some toys and surprises magically appear! All the my little pony toys and surprises featured in this video include: 2 new mlp my little pony stackems, with a applejack crystal stackems squishy pony toy and a twilight sparkle stackems squishy pony toy. We also open a huge my little pony equestria girls kinder surprise chocolate egg and we find inside a mlp twilight sparkle mini toy pony figure. We also open a my little pony series 1 dog tags, with midnight moon dog tag, a twilight sparkle sticker and some my little pony tattoos. We open a wave 16 blind bag with crimson gala mini toy pony figure inside, a tomy my little pony buildable blind bag with twilight sparkle pony toy figure inside, a funko my little pony power ponies blind box and some explore equestria my little pony stickers. Also inside the my little pony pinkie pie nesting stacking doll are some new series 6 crystal fashems, with a crystal trixie pony fashems, a crystal starlight glimmer fashems, a crystal spike fashems and a crystal lyra heartstrings fashems. Which was your favorite my little pony toy surprise? :)

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